The prices of creation of depth maps

Depth maps are created in the different ways. The most exact are maps drawn in manual. It is long enough process and demands from the master of knowledge of calculation of space and filigree possession of technics of drawing. More simple way is automatic extraction of a map from the original, however completely to automate this process yet it is not possible, manual completion and updating of maps is required. Accordingly there is also a difference in the price of works. In the table guiding prices of works, various on detailed elaboration of a plot and complexity of performance are resulted.

         Map category            Method of creation      Price         Preview
            Premium                  Handwork  $ 25 - 30 Detail                  Anagliph
               High         Automatic + handwork  $ 15 - 20 Detail                  Anagliph
              Light         Automatic + correction   $ 7 - 10 Detail                  Anagliph
           mpo file         Automatic + correction   $ 7 - 10 Detail                  Anagliph
    Multilayer mapping                  Handwork  $ 35 - 45  
   Layering + mapping                  Handwork  $ 40 - 50  
Design + layering + mapping                  Handwork    $ 50 +  


For the clients, decided to cooperate the activity with us, essential discounts in cost of performance of orders are provided.